28 Days of Resilience Reading Challenge:

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The youth ministry word for the year is "Resilient." Resilient means to bend and flex, but not break. We want to be resilient disciples who can live through a resilient faith in Jesus that is a resistant strength to bend and flex but not break against the weight of the culture. One way to build a resilient faith in Jesus is trusting and believing in the Scriptures. Jesus gave us this reminder in the parable of "The Two Builders," Matthew 7:24-27. The one who obeys Jesus' teachers will be the one that develops a resilient faith that will last through the storms of life.


We will begin a 28-day challenge called 28 Days of Resilience as a youth ministry starting in April. We will read through the book of Acts in 28 days and learn about the early church's challenges, how the church overcame those challenges, and what we can learn from the church's perseverance to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ under challenging circumstances.

The goal is for the youth and families to read the Bible together and talk about what they read. The result is that hopefully, youth and their families will discover that through Christ, they can overcome the challenges they face in life. 


Copies of the 28 Days of Resilience reading Journal are in the youth room and on the youth ministry web page. 


Background of Acts:


Praxeis is the word for acts in Greek. Luke used acts to describe the achievement of great men. The great men of Acts are the 12 apostles and others who lived sold out for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You will read about men like Peter, James, Stephane, Philip, and Paul, who lived passionate lives for the Glory of Jesus. They overcame many obstacles through prayer and under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.


Luke wrote Acts in the early 60's AD. Luke wrote 28% of the New Testament between the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts. In Acts, Luke tells the story of the beginning of the church it's perseverance to spread the Gospel to the ends of the Earth. Themes in the book of Acts are faithfulness to living out the teachings of Christ, living filled with the Holy Spirit, the power of prayer, and taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to then ends of the world. 

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