January 2019   
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Milton Fricke

New Zion has an active and vibrant Evangelism Ministry directed by Milton Fricke.  Every Tuesday evening, he coordinates three different rotating Sunday School class leaders to come to check their rolls, inviting absentee members back, or visiting prospects from the visitors we had the previous Sunday.  Any church member who would like to be involved can get with Milton, and he will be glad to show how our visitation program works.  

There are many needs at Tuesday Night Visitation besides visiting prospects.  Post cards need to be addressed that will be mailed to those who are ill, who have been absent from church or Sunday School or to welcome back past visitors.  People are needed to make phone calls to let those absent know we are thinking about them.  Everyone is encouraged to be a part of visitation, even if their particular class is not scheduled that Tuesday night.  Prospect lists are prepared and given to various Sunday School classes to contact.  The Evangelism Department of our church tries to reach out to those who do not have a church home for such events as "Blessing of the Hunt", Easter, Revivals, Thanksgiving activities, plus many more outreach events.  Any opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ is taken.  We prepare special packages that contain informatin about our church, activities and ministries we offer, and a personal "Thank You for Visiting New Zion Baptist Church" card that we bring when visiting folks on our Tuesday Night Visitation Program.  

Visitors to the church are also honored by a specially prepared gift bag presented to them when they visit the church.  We have tracts in the foyer of our church that we try to keep filled for anyone to take as another area of outreach.

Evangelism is one of the most important ministries here at New Zion.  Emphasis on reaching the community for Jesus Christ is at the forefront, and it is a joy and privilege to serve in His Name.  Visitation is every Tuesday evening, meeting at 6:30 pm in the Conference Room. Come and be a part of this vital ministry!


Milton Fricke